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    We, M/s. Integrated Pest control services(IPC)™ provide total solution in pest management & quality service satisfaction in Residential, Commercial & Industrial area. IPC service comprises of communication, Inspection, Identification & solving the pest problem. We are the leading service provider in this industry for more than nine years. Our endeavour is to offer quality service customer satisfaction by using odourless & Environment friendly treatment in pest management.

    The service offerings are to get rid of against cockroaches, termite, rodent, bed bugs, wood borer, etc. IPC offers Gel formulation which is the most advanced cockroach management service which is a Non messy, odourless, no inconvenience, combined with odourless spray for red & black ants, most convenient way to get rid of cockroaches in residence & commercial premises.

To deal with Rat baiting, trapping & proofing method. To deal with Termite we use Odourless chemical barrier around your premises that kills termites & protects your properties, No need to vacate the premises during and after the service. We use non chemical & chemical method to target pest as approved by CIB from reputed companies. These chemicals are known and proved to be non- toxic and non- hazardous to a person.

We provide totally proven treatment. Our pest control measures, Does not cause any inconvenience or threat to family's health. To deal with IPC, then schedule appointment with us.

  • Integrated Cockroache Service
  • Integrated Spraying Service
  • Integrated Rodent Service
  • Integrated Bed Bugs service
  • Integrated Termite Service
  • Integrated Wood Borer Service
  • Integrated Mosquito Management
  • Integrated Fly management
  • Integrated Bird Solution