Integrated pest control is planed program in which methods are integrated & used to keep pests from causing economic, health-related/aesthetic injury. IPC service includes reducing pest to a tolerable level. IPC use CIB approved chemical.

We are into the business of pest control for the last one year. However, we have an experience of total nine years in this industry. The important services offered by us are pest control and management for houses, industrial and commercial areas. We are known in the industry for our unique and special environment-friendly pest control methods.

The Pest is responsible for Human health & Property - Termite is hidden invaders which cause heavy damages. They are biggest threat to asset & huge economic loss. Mosquito causes diseases like malaria, chikungunya, yellow fever, malaria & rat causes plague, and leptospirosis & rat bite fever. Bed bugs cause sleepless night. Even cockroaches, flies & ants are also responsible for diseases like food poisoning, dysentery, allergy etc.

IPC motive is quality service customer satisfaction. The use of chemical & dosage is based on its safety profile. The low toxicity chemicals are used against target pest. In today's advances in chemistry & technology, the odourless chemicals are used to deal with cockroaches IPC use gel formulation totally proven treatment, Non messy, odourless, no inconvenience, combined with odourless spray for red & black ants... To deal with Rat baiting, trapping & proofing method. To deal with Termite we use Odourless chemical barrier around your premises.

IPC deals with communication, monitoring, inspection & evaluation. Inspection & record keeping is useful to apply non-chemical & chemical method to target pest.